Shortage of Plumbers

While building new homes, home builders usually rely on contractors and plumbers. And builders failed to build homes with proper plumbing installation. This guide will talk about what is the exact shortage of plumbers and how it affects the home building industry.

At the starting of 2017, the housing industry saw a severe session, and its’ no secret. Besides, the country has come out from real estate and enjoyed more robust demand with higher home prices. This was one of the longest downturns in these past years in real estate history. This significantly slows down the home builders and building fewer to fewer homes.

The construction job dipped significantly as the housing bubble burst, and it went demand for the tradesmen and plumbers in other industries. However, plumbers are still in high demand when it comes to repairing fixtures in the existing houses. However, the need for plumbers to help build new properties significantly dropped. And due to the shortage of work, plumbers need to look for work somewhere else. As a result, plumbers are coming to the building industry.

The fact of shortage of plumbing work is easy to understand. But to wrap up your mind, this shortage has a significant impact on the home building industry. Builders are ready to start building since the real estate downturn is getting over. At the same time, the home market is on the rise again, so the builders are ready to start building again. Anyhow, here we have mentioned three ways that could hurt the home and housing building industry:

  1. Due to the lack of plumbing help, most of the areas will see fewer new homes compared to the demand required.
  2. The costs of building a new house will rise up dramatically.
  3. In order to get plumbing work done, the home builders have to pay the plumbers for their new homes.

Advantages of Becoming a Plumber

A plumber means good things are coming in the future. As the housing market rebounds increase, the demand for plumbers or similar skills will continuously rise. So, the job opportunities for paying jobs will remain strong always.

According to the president and CEO of Maschmeyer Concrete in Lake Park, Florida – “in the labor market, there are not enough skilled workers available. The demands are rising, but most older workers have retired, or many of them leave their jobs during the recession. So, for the contractors and customers, this is a major challenge.”

New training programs

To bring new workers of all ages into the plumbing work, a wide range of training and recruitment programs are underway. For instance, the PHCC educational foundation released a video in December just to showcase the benefits of a plumbing career, cooling, and heating.

Advocacy efforts

HVAC and plumbing contractors continue to advocate the programs like the Perkins Act that provide financial support for the students of technical and career programs.


Gradually, people are losing interest in plumbing jobs that’s why building contractors are facing a growing shortage of plumbers. But with new training, awareness, and an increase the salary, the shortage of plumbing can be reduced.