Construction Trade Fair

Find the Right Construction Trade Fair

With so many various aspects, scarcely any industry sector provides much versatility in the construction industry. From building technologies to the construction machinery to the architecture to the interior design, any event that suits the topic that affects today’s construction trade fair.

Building new technology, materials, machinery, as well as the specific subjects, are always high in demand always. Another thing is that digitalization has been considered a great factor in the industry. Additionally, there are entire some smart home technologies which are on everyone’s lips.

Furthermore, there are sub-sectors which complete the portfolio of any events that offer in the sector, for instance, glazing, landscaping, and frontage construction.

However, participating in trade fairs in the construction and building industry is not optional. But as a business owner, if you want to grow your company, you must expand your network via national and international exhibitions.

That’s because meeting new people to do business is always crucial since it helps people to reach their target. Also, this is essential to get ideas for future projects. You can meet your potential partners or suppliers who can help you discover new ideas, solutions, or products.

Anyhow, year after year, the construction fairs are getting bigger, and constantly new events are emerging throughout the world. The World Of Concrete and CONEXPO in Las Vegas is associated with the builders and Contractors Annual convention in Long Beach, Calif. The Big 5 in Dubai, U.K. Construction Week in London, Procore’s Groundbreak in Austin, BAUMA in Munich, Viewpoints Collaboration in Portland, BATIMAT in Paris – there are many other gatherings that are unmissable meetings for the global players plus the attendance at those fairs are growing every year.

But the problem is that there is not a single event that meets all strategies. The massive, comprehensive fairs, including the local trade fair shows, are specialized conferences plus risk management forums. This actually depends on the service or product the company is selling, which the company is not going to choose for the same events.

So, then how can a business owner find the most relevant events that take part in relevant events? And where can they find the real business opportunities?

When it comes to choosing events, there’s been little evolution in exhibitor behavior for the past 30 years. The surprising fact is, there’s no industry leader or tech provider who focuses on this to find out the professionals to find any events depending on the reliable data.

When you decide to attend a trade fair, you will always find three common lines:-

  1. Creators of Habit: Most people do not test events and will not actively look to try.
  2. Word of Mouth: A businessman needs always to ask around and speak to friends or colleagues before committing to find out what everyone else is up to.
  3. Intermediaries: The space on the trade fairs usually needs to be pre-selected by public institutions—for example, trade missions and trade development agencies.

So, companies who do not hear about the trade fair are more likely to miss the opportunity to take part in the fair. Also, making space at the trade fair needs enough data so that one can play safely at events.

Trade Policies

How do Trade Policies Affect a Newly Construction Home?

In terms of constructing a new home, trade policy plays a vital role. The Ex U.S. President Donald Trump has a keen interest in the United States trade policy. At the same time, the home shoppers may wonder how international trade policies may affect the price while constructing newly built homes.

You should not neglect the trade since it is the most significant factor that determines the price of the quality of any new home.

Additionally, it can directly affect the quality of the material, residential appliances, price, home decor products, etc., which are imported from other countries. For example, the furniture or window drapes, drywall, clothes washers, and refrigerators.

Gary Hufbuer says, “buyers should certainly be aware of how a trade might impact their home purchase.” But, he also added, “a house is a huge ticket item, the impact of trade on it is dwarfed by land costs and the labor component of construction, but there are components that are affected by trade.”

Lumber Disputes

Lumber softwood is one of the top listed affected items that is produced in the United States while imported from Canada. Generally, it is used inside the wall of the newly built home, and it makes two-by-fours.

Hufbauer says, “Canada and the United States have been at loggerheads over the softwood lumber trade” for more than a century”.

But Canadian companies are dumping subsidies on the U.S. market, which result in the loss of revenues, and sales at the same time; – it is claimed by the U.S. lumber producers.

For the USA, imported lumber is cheaper for buyers and homebuilders; it is difficult to pinpoint the exact amount of savings since the currency exchange rate fluctuations.

A public policy analyst at the Montreal Economic Institute, Alexandre Moreau, said in September 2016, “the USA softwood lumber paper consumers are affected by a 2006 agreement between the United States and Canada. The institute is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit research organization in Quebec.”

Moreau also stated, “for the residential construction on the American market, the lumber is targeted.” However, within 2017 the lumber has become more costly, said Random Lengths.

Looking Forward

New homes will continue to rise. It is difficult to predict whether the costs of softwood or other materials are used to build or furnish. The Trump Administration hasn’t announced a specific trade policy agency which is one of the biggest reasons.

Trump also mentioned that he would fix the trade issues with the big trade deals, but he didn’t take any movement about it. And it was a very cloudy agenda at this moment.

Hufbauer added again that “the tax on imported goods is so-called trade wars with China or Mexico, increasing the prices of imported furnishing or home appliances.

But at this moment, the tariffs are pretty low, and trade is pretty free. But all those prices are going to go up if we go into a huge protectionist binge.

Other Options

The other option for buyers or builders could be either foreign or domestic. The USA builders held a discussion with the lumber companies in September 2016. And in that statement, NAHB CEO Jerry Howard mentioned that – the group supports opening up the competition in the U.S. lumber market since it benefits the U.S. homebuilders and buyers.

But not everyone agreed with his statement. However, during the election campaigns, there’s a need for some of the import tariffs, – said Tom Page, the Vice President of iStar.

At the same time, he also points out that home building costs can arise for various reasons. It’s not only trade policy but also the strong U.S. economy for the demand for newly built homes.